Elementor #371

Who are we?

The modern business manager faces the demand of solving a Rubick’s Cube. Business challenges do not appear in isolation but are rather a function of multiple, often competing issues. In today’s world, the successful company is one that simultaneously solves all six sides of the cube, rather than just one or two. Problems abound in living up to this modern management challenge and that is why we are here to help in providing sustainable solutions.

Environmental and social management is becoming increasingly complex as new laws and regulations are promulgated, and stakeholders become better informed and more legally adept. In addition, investors and lenders need the assurance that projects in which they invest will not result in environmental and social damage.

Problem solving is our core competence, within the development constraints and opportunities that are presented by the biophysical and social environment in which you operate. Our strength lies in our flexibility to respond to the challenges at hand, whether that be obtaining a single permit or striving for world leading environmental and social management performance. We have a solution for whatever environmental and/or social problem your company faces, wherever your company may operate, either in South Africa, Africa or Eastern Europe.


Finally but importantly, we operate with integrity and stalwartly align ourselves with companies that have the same value system. We believe strongly that sustainability is a tangible and achievable goal that can make our planet a better place for all. We bring that value system to our problem solving and that is why you need look no further than Sustainable Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd to find the answers you need in managing the sustainability of your business activities.